About Chiarellos

When Chiarello's Hamilton Food Market opened its doors in the fall of 1987, proprietors Kay Chiarello and her sons, Guy, Ralph, and Gary, looked forward to this new venture. The business has been "Family Owned" since it began many years ago. Chiarello's is a common name heard amongst people in the area whenever there is a catering function.

Originally a deli featuring cold platters and homemade salads, word of their famous potato salad quickly spread. Chiarello's listened to the prompting of satisfied customers to begin catering hot foods. Word of the quality and quantity of their products has made Chiarello's one of the finest catering services in the Trenton-Hamilton Township area.

Cold and hot platters are always available upon request. Chiarello's is readily willing to meet the needs of their clientele. Among the specialties are Chicken Marsala, Vodka Rigatoni, and Farfalle with roasted peppers, sun-dried tomatoes and asparagus in a white cream sauce. Their reputation of excellence has become well known. All food is prepared on the premises by the owners of the establishment. You can always be assured Chiarello's will do their best to satisfy their customers. Chiarello's has recently entered into a new realm by enlisting with several catering halls in order to provide their patrons with a beautiful location to house their affair or party.